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A health cannabis card can be obtained to individuals suffering from cancer, acute muscle spasms, seizures, or terminal illnesses and residing in Florida which aren’t deemed treatable in compliance with all the conditions of the 2014 Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act. This cannabis must be a low-THC variety unless the individual has a life expectancy of no longer than one year as well as a terminal disease.

Patients with MS, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV or AIDS, ALS, Parkinson’s and PTSD will subsequently be permitted to get a prescription for medical cannabis. The passage of the act will not negates the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act, so patients that happen to be receiving their medication under the existing periods is not going to be interrupted or must jump through any additional hoops that are legal.

You must be a Florida resident, to be eligible to get a medical marijuana card. The most easy way to confirm this is by using driver’s license or a Florida ID. In the event that you are using another form of government-issued ID, such as, for instance, a passport card, that could work in the event you supply supplementary evidence of residency in the state for example home ownership records, a rental, utility bills, a bank statement etc.

In the event you possess a legal guardian or are a minor, you’ll require the written approval of the parent or guardian. Minors may also be necessary to get an encouraging second opinion from another competent doctor.

Step 2: Locate An Experienced Doctor

These doctors have fulfilled with several other state demands and have completed a specific training class. It’s possible for you to observe the list that is existing in Work of Compassionate Use web site.

The doctor will examine one to confirm you endure from your illness that is qualifying. It’s crucial that you bear in mind that state law requires one to attempt more “mainstream” treatments for the illness first. That is the reason why it is crucial that you bring your medical history which other varieties of common treatments for the condition haven’t had the opportunity to supply sufficient relief of your symptoms. The qualifying doctor is not required to attempt any of these treatments they can possibly compose your grass prescription if your documentation is in order.

You will be added to the state’s Compassionate Use Registry as soon as you are qualified to get a prescription, and get your card in the post.

Measure 3: Locate A Dispensary

These are:

. The Green Alternative (No places yet)
. Trulieve (Clearwater and Tallahassee; future strategies for places in Bradenton, Pensacola,
. Modern Wellness Theories (Miami)
. A few of these organizations provide like Trulieve and Surterra, although this could be a service that is costly.

And that is actually what you should do to get medical marijuana in Florida!